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The heart and soul of Bølgen & Moi

The heart and soul of Bølgen & Moi is created by our staff!

• Chefs and waiters
• Who are passionate about their jobs
• Who puts their souls into what they do
• Creative madness
• Intense work! 

Food from scratch in good craftsmanship traditions.

BØLGEN & MOI works with the best suppliers and have high standards for the quality and freshness of our products. We only use fresh ingredients and prepare food from scratch in good craftsmanship traditions.

The wines
Our wine philosophy is serving wine as a natural part of the meal. Our wine cellars are built to offer all guests a wine to complement your meal - whether you enjoy a good pizza at the Brasserie or a seven-course menu.

BØLGEN & MOI uses a mix of food, wine and art to create a unique dining experience. The art you encounter in BØLGEN & MOI is not limited to beautiful paintings on the walls. We define art as something larger. The food we serve is prepared so as to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. Our tables are decorated to match the conscious choices we’ve made in the interior designs and furniture. Finally, the premises and surroundings we’ve chosen for our restaurants all have their own history and special character, offering a unique framework around your restaurant experience. Visit our restaurant at Briskeby, the old bank in Bergen or Stavanger and see for yourself.

We take pride in offering dining out of the ordinary. To create special experiences, we work in special ways. 

We emphasize: Playfulness, commitment and service

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